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Needle felted bat mouse with bag

Needle felted bat mouse with bag


This little bat mouse has been hand made and is one of a kind. She has a needle felted head on a wire frame wrapped in yarn and stands at approximately 12cm high from her boots to the tip of the bell on her hat.

This little girl is dressed in her warmest white felt top and a cotton pinafore dress and a hand knitted scarf. She has been totally handmade as have her tiny clothes. She wears a pair of striped tights and a woollen hat trimmed with a bell. She has a little pair of fabric bat wings that are made of fabric and stiffened. The bat wings are held in place by a pin, if you would like them stitched in place let me know. She also comes with a little fabric trick or treat bag. Her other clothes are fixed in place.

She wears a pair of hand painted boots made from pewter, these are not removable. Please be careful with the boots to avoid chipping. They have several coats of paint and have been sealed but are fragile.

Due to her size she will fit most dolls houses. Please note she is not suitable for children and requires gentle handling and a little help to stand on her own. The clothes are NOT removable and I would strongly recommend not cutting them off to add alternative ones.

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